Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Thought Control Technique and Sukhasan

Today is the eighth day of the course and first day ofpart-2.  This part’s exercise requires usto control the thoughts.  Mr CharlesHaanel asks us to inhibit all thoughts.  Inthe past, I used to read something very motivating and positive and meditate onthose positive thoughts and imaginations. This I used to do because in my opinion, it is easy to turn the thoughtsinto positive ones then completely inhibiting the thoughts.

The technique of concentrating on your breath, between theeyebrows, or on an external object like candle flame is designed to control ourmind by concentrating on an object.   Thereason I used to concentrate on my breathing is for this reason.

Master Key System asks us to inhibit all the thoughts andthe author says it will be difficult to hold thoughts m ore than a fewminutes.  Sitting in sukhasan (I havefound sukhasan more effective while meditating than sitting in my computerchair) I somehow tried to control my thoughts. As I tried to control my thoughts immediately I could feel my mindconcentrating on the “Christ Centre” (point between my eyebrows).  I could control my thoughts successful for acouple of minutes.  After the exercise, Iwas relaxed, lot more relaxed than the past seven days.  I am reading one chapter at a time andcompleting the exercises before going to the next chapter of The Master Key System.

As I mentioned earlier, I read a lot about Law of Attractionand meditation.  There is nothing new inthe first two chapters for me.  But theonly difference this time is my strong decision to complete the course.

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