Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Start with Success in Mind

 “The Master KeySystem” contains 24 chapters to be practiced one each week.  After reading the first chapter, I havedecided to start practicing the exercises with strong belief in success by theend of 24 weeks.  I have a good reasonfor this which I would like to explain at the end of the 24thweek.  I have a strong belief in successbecause of my belief in Law of Attraction.  I hope you have the same belief in thislaw.  With out this belief anddetermining to succeed in completing this course, the effort will be halfhearted and the results will not be as dramatic as one would expect it to beand there is a risk of discontinuing the practice and going back to our routineaverage lives.

The first sentence in foreword starts with “some men seem toattract success, power, wealth, attainment, with very little conscious effort;…..” To become one of those “some men” I saidto myself that I have to strongly believe that at end of the course there willbe dramatic change in my life through the Master Key System.  Believe me to sit still for half an hourwithout prior practice of any meditation you need to have that strong beliefand expectation.

With this belief and determination to succeed, I sat in sukhasana(easy pose) for about half an hour without much difficulty.  I performed this just before going tobed.  In bed, I experienced a lot ofrestlessness both physical and mental, I could not sleep.   I think this happened due to physical andmental resistance to change.  My strongdecision to bring about dramatic positive change to my life created resistance whichmanifested this restlessness.  Failing tofall asleep, I have decided to write this post.

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