Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Found -The Simple Secret of Success

There are two types of people who read self-help books ondifferent aspects of life.  One actionoriented achievers who wants to achieve more, who are in minority.  The other is people who are in majority whobuy and read these books and attend seminars are non-achievers, who seldom areable to change their lives through the self-help books.  At the most what they achieve is increasing the“knowledge bank” losing their self image for not acting and seeks another bookand another seminar.  Why?

What happens when a person who regularly exercises gets a fabulousbook on Yoga which helps him have three dimensional gain, body-mind-soul.  He obviously learns and incorporates yoga inhis exercise regime.  What happens when abusinessman committed to his business gets a chance to improve his net-worth byattending a seminar on business practices or a book like “Secrets ofMillionaire Mind,” he put his newly acquired knowledge into practice to growhis business and become a billionaire.  Butthe results of millions others who read the same books are dismal.  Why?

Reading cannot bring about any physical change, unless itcan change the thought patterns which result in action.  For example in his book The Secrets of the MillionaireMind, Mr Ekersays that to increase your net-worth you need to provide value to as manypeople as possible by getting the leverage of business model in action.  A provider learns this and looks for ways to providemore, become more successful, but for many successful students there will manyfailures.  Why?

In my last post I said thoughts lead to feelings andfeelings lead to action (from Mr Eker). Then, what is the difference between the thoughts of a person who takesaction after reading the book and the thoughts of a person who don’t take anyconsiderable action enough to achieve measurable success?  Is there any secret that can make you act continuouslyand if so what is it?

What is the Secret of the One Who Acts?

Do I know the answer?

Yes of course I know the answer


The achievers have the momentum or at least know how to create, increases,  maintainsthe momentum.  We need to create momentum and keepit going.  The stronger the momentum, theeasier to maintain it.

This leads us to another question

How to Create the Momentum?
Simple….. Just remember the way you used to skate in yourchildhood your childhood, giving a strong initial push with all your power.

Make the initial step as strong and powerful as it can beand you will reach your goal.

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