Friday, January 13, 2012

Change Your Life Now at This Moment

If Change Can Happen, It Should Happen Now.  I have read a lot of personal development booksand I came to know a lot of human being and his strengths and weaknesses.  I also read about different methods which canbe applied to bring in change.  The booksI have read are innumerable and some of the important ones are Psycho Cybernetics,Think and Grow Rich, Unleash the Power Within, Seven Habits of Highly EffectivePeople and many others.

Apart from these modern day personality development books Ihave also read a lot of books on spirituality. The most important ones are Bhagavad Gita Complete Works of SwamiVivekananda.  These books have given me alot of knowledge and a substantial change in my beliefs.  Before my interest in books on spiritualityand subsequently personal development, I used read a lot of serious literatureand sometimes popular literature.

Every book changed my perception of the world, but if youask me did they change my personality, I would say no.  My restless mind could never keep a singleidea for enough period of time that it can change my life.  Before I complete a book, there will be a newbook getting my attention.  This is thefirst time in my life; I have for the past 10 days pursuing a goal in personality developmentusing a book.  And without any doubt Ican say there is a positive effect of The Master Key System on me.  But before this about fifteen years back, I havespent ten days in an ashram learning Vipassana Meditation, which I stopped practicing immediately after coming out of the ashram.

With the vast knowledge on personal developmentI should have changed and should be living a fulfilling life, a life which I amproud about.  But this has not happenedand I know change happens only if it a compulsion.  If the desire to change for good is notstrong enough, no book can change us.  Mostof the successful people are naturally wired to be successful.  We do not have that privilege, we are wired differently,and as we grow older the wiring becomes stronger. These ten days of practice of The Master Key System gave me a lot of time to introspect.

I have seen alcoholics and drug addicts quitting the drink anddrugs when they hit the bottom and asking for help.  We do not have that privilege also.  We will never hit the bottom.  We always have a hope and there are enoughbooks around us to keep that hope alive, and believe me hope is not enough forus.  What we need is desire a burningdesire….. a continuous burning desire to achieve.  The burning desire should become red hot thatone day when the heat reaches its peak, change happens instantaneously in thatvery moment.

Practicing The Master Key System gave me a chance to developthat desire.  I would urge you to tryit.  Keep thinking about change…. Strengthenyour desire…… do not get distracted or complacent.  YOUR LIFE CAN AND WILL CHANGE AT THATDECISIVE MOMENT.

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