Monday, January 9, 2012

Successful Personal Progress in One Week

I have successfully completed the Part 1 of The Master KeySystem with just one more session of meditation to go this night.  Tomorrow will the first day of Part 2.  The results of first week have been very positive.  There are many small positive changes whichhad a small but dramatic effect in my day to day life.

The changes I find in me are as follows:
 1.  I am littlecalmer now.
 2.      Criticism is not bringing sudden negativesensations in me and as a result I am more comfortable dealing with people.
 3.      Though my mind is still restless with continuousbombardment of   random thoughts, watching my thoughts gave mea little ability to change my thoughts actively.
4.      To have more focus on the tasks, I stopped multitasking.
5.      Though I wanted to completely stop logging intoFacebook, I have decided to spend maximum of half an hour on Facebook in theweekends.  This gave me a lot of freetime which I can use productively.
6.      There is a general sense of anticipation ofsuccess by the end of the course.
7.      My wife became more beautiful to my eyes.
8.      I am not as anxious as I was about my future andfuture of my family.
9.      I found myself enjoying self hygiene; I amspending more time in the bath and enjoying the process.  This was not possible with a restless mind.
10.  I am also eating my food slowly; experienceevery bit of the process of eating.

These are very small changes and I know I have miles togo.  I also know that I am on the righttrack because of the quality of life is positive.  The primary trait of successful people whom Iknow is the ability to stay calm in crisis, the quality which I do not possess.  Through this one week practice, I sense thatI will able to achieve that trait by following The Master Key System.

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