Friday, January 6, 2012

Calming the Restless Mind

The third day was very difficult to maintain my focusedconsciousness on the information given in part 1 of The Master Key System.  If you are like me someone who had not muchof success in maintaining a progressively lifestyle in all spheres of life iecarrier, relationships, wealth, health etc due to rest less thinking you know why it was difficult for you toattain success despite every kind of help you can get in this information era.

I have always failed to maintain my focus long enough toachieve success in any field.  That isthe reason why I decided to stick to the Master Key System for six monthswithout digressing to something which is interesting.   With a restless mind it is very difficult tocontrol the thoughts and focus the thoughts towards positive, goal oriented,solution oriented (rather than worry oriented) thinking.  It is also difficult not to stray intouseless thoughts (we might argue hard about the importance of knowing).  We get addicted to TV, news magazines,internet (blogs, facebook and youtube etc) because we can spend hours and hourswithout focusing on anything.

I know I cannot be wealth conscious and manifest abundancewith this type of restless mind but I have never done anything about thisseriously.  But not anymore, I havedecided to stop logging into facebook till I complete The Master Key SystemCourse.  Whenever I get time I will justsit still.  Everybody whom I know whoachieved good success in my society, has this ability to sit still.  If they don’t anything to do, they just sitstill. 

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