Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sitting Still and Sitting Comfortable

Due to my past experience in meditation, I have decided topractice The Master Key System, Part 1 exercise sitting in sukhasan.  In spite of having a good experience insitting in “simple posse” it was very difficult for me now with loss ofpractice to sit still and sit straight.  Beingan Indian it should have been easy for me but not anymore with the chairs andergonomically designed computer chairs widely used in everyday life.  Westerners and city dwelling Indians like me findit very difficult to sit in Indian style for long period of time. It is verydifficult to keep your back straight. And if the sitting surface is hard, your bottom becomes numb after aprolonged sitting.

Yoga Chair the Best Option 
As being comfortable is very important to practice MasterKey System, I have decided to sit my computer chair which is very comfortable sittingon for very long periods of time.  Theexperience of sitting still for half an hour (of course concentrating on mybreath) was very comfortable and profound. This shift from a restless mentalstate to very peaceful and clam very fast and I think this is because of myexperience in meditation.

The Master Key System practice and the decision to be consciousof the information presented in the Part 1, made me focus on my mind and the randomthoughts.  I hope this happens toeveryone how decides to practice the system seriously.  This gives you a clear picture of the reasonwhy your life is what it is at present.   I hope by the end of practicing the MasterKey System, the thoughts would be more progressive and empowering.

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