Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Source of Wealth & Prosperity - Sense of Success

Today I have created the “About” page of this blog where Iposted a picture which says the source of wealth and prosperity are ourthoughts, positive thoughts, prosperity thoughts, and thoughts ofabundance.   My strong belief in Law of Attractionbased on many incidents in my life where I have clearly had asense of the upcoming physical manifestation of my thoughts.

Though thoughts are the source of the manifestation of the desiredoutcome, I believe these thoughts should transform themselves into a feeling ora consciousness (something like a sixth sense) indicating the successful outcomeof the thoughts through law of attraction. I have experienced this many times in my life and that created a strongbelief in law of attraction.

Now you may ask me if I believed so strongly in law ofattraction why I am living a very ordinary life.  I could not achieve any measurable success tothis day because though I know I can attract and I know this is happeningthrough my thoughts, I do not know when and how the transformation of thoughts into a "sense" is takingplace and this does not happen always even when the thoughts are very strong. 

I believe I can achieve the skill where the thoughts can be transformed in the sense which in turn attracts the desired outcome.  Most importantly I believe this can happen throughThe Master Key System.

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