Monday, January 23, 2012

Can You Become Wealthy - Find Out

It has been a couple of days since I wrote.  There are two reasons, one is I became verybusy with a new book which I have “attracted”. The book is called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”  As I mentioned many times in this blog, The MasterKey System gave to the ability to constantly watch my thought.  This thought watch process made me aware ofthe thousands and thousands of useless thoughts, negative thoughts,disempowering thoughts.  I always wantedthe majority of my thoughts to be empowering. But what are the thoughts, whatare there structures of those thoughts.

 In a way, I asked many times and more intensely for the pastweek or so to have a mind which thinks like a person who is rich.  When I went back and read all the blogs andhubs I have written in the past four years, I never saw myself using the wordslike money, investment, savings, net worth, income, expenditure, insurance,funds, budget, finance, interest, real estate, and many more words which arevery important to someone who wants to make money.  It is obvious that I never used these wordsoften in my real life.

When I was observing my thoughts through the process of TheMaster Key System, I found no thoughts about the words which make rich peoplerich.  I never saw rich people talkingabout attracting wealth.  They attractwealth because of their thoughts.  Theirthoughts are always about making money and keeping money, I knew this.  But what are the thoughts????.  As I mentioned earlier I have many friends whichbecame rich, but as for as money and business is concerned I am an outsider tothem and I rarely had a privilege of observing their words when they are in a casualbusiness discussion.

I strongly believe in Law of Attraction, and I believe thatI attracted this book because I wanted to change my thoughts while I am goingthrough this journey with Master Key System. How a millionaire thinks and whathe does is the subject of this book.  Howhis brain is programmed (P), how he thinks (T), what his feelings (F) are andhow he acts (R) getting the results what he gets.

T. Harv Eker, the author of this book “Secretsof the Millionaire Mind.”  Gives processof manifestation as
                                    P→T→F→A = R
 So to change thethoughts I need to change the programming my mind itself.  This book is a guide to re-program our mind.

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