Sunday, January 8, 2012

Start Meditating Stop Worrying

What I am practicing for the past five days through theMaster Key System is a form of meditation. Though I struggled with my sitting posture in the beginning, I am quite comfortablewhile meditating now for 15 minutes to half an hour daily.  I am discovering the best ways for me to dothis, and at the same time as a result of developing thought watching, I ampracticing more of proactive thinking.  Iexperienced a sudden worry attack, when I computer froze today and refused toboot again for a couple of minutes.  Thenit started and continued to freeze for a couple of times.  I became quite anxious because I am a computerilliterate though I work most of the day on it. Other reason for worry is I do my day job on my computer.  Microsoft error report told me that I have aproblem with my RAM but I don’t know how to fix it. 

Just in the fifth day of my practice, I found that I amthinking in circles.  The thought of mycomputer is crashing and I am unable to work is the only thought which wasgoing in circles in my mind.  I took apiece of paper and wrote down the thought which is worrying me and wrote downthe solutions.  Suddenly, my mind calmeddown.  Now I know there is a solution andthat is taking my computer to the tech.

My worries did not end there, between the problem andsolution there is time gap and I cannot afford to lose that time because my jobinvolves completing the task in time. The only solution is to go to all the way to my office to complete thetask which I was not ready to do and I don’t know how to solve thisproblem.  So a part of the worry stillcontinued, and I don’t have a solution to think linear now.

This time I did something which someone close to mepractices.  I took a piece of paper wrotedown the problem and placed in near a small statue of a deity forsolution.  After doing this I meditatedfor about 15 minutes to get rid of the worrying thoughts.  Now I am not thinking about the problem, mymind is co completely calm and then I opened my CPU cabinet removed the dust,cleaned the fans and re-started the computer. This is late in the evening almost eight hours since my computer firstfroze and my computer is working without hitch.

Master Key System has given me the ability to watch my daily life and evaluate it.  I know that I have to achieve a lot before I can have the life which I am proud of.  What I went through today is not a great crisis and I also do not know whether the second trick where I placed worry in the hands of God to take care of will also work, but at the end of the day I had positive results.  Most of the problems in life are small and I think lot can achieve in life if we tackle these problems proactively.  We need to win a lot of small battles before we are ready for the war.  Great success will definitely bring in greater problems, let us be ready for that after all everyone practice Master Key System for greater success in life.

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