Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stupid Thoughts Can Kill Great Dreams

As mentioned earlier in this blog, The Master Key System hasgiven me a chance to observe my thoughts. I was shocked to observe the random thoughts and images which randomly popup on the surface of my mind.  In my lifeI have read a lot of books philosophy, psychology and books on spirituality aremy favorite subjects.  But almost 90percent of my thoughts are negative, mundane and useless. Most of the thoughtsinfluenced by these books and people like Ralph Waldo Emerson or films like theLast Samurai are no more happening subconsciously or consciously and this isreason for my restlessness and desperation.

I mentioned about my restless mind before.  Practicing meditational exercises describedin the Master Key System could not help my calm my restless mind, though therewas initial feeling of success.  Instead,these exercise increased my restlessness by making me watch these thoughts.   I got to know that it is impossible toachieve something which I can call success with this type of mind and itsthinking.  It is impossible to attract wealth,health and prosperity with these thoughts. Even if make some money (which willnot happen if Law of Attraction which I believe is true), I would not be ahappy person.

I have decided (with lot of hesitation) write about my thoughts.  These thoughts are mostly which createsemotions like jealousy, inferiority, and anger. There will be conscious thought to belittle the person whom I am jealousabout.  The emotional states were mostoften anxiety, anger, irritation, sense of inferiority etc.  I wanted change and I know I can changebecause I was not like this in the past.

I wanted to change and that change should happenimmediately.  I want these involuntarythoughts to be more positive.  The desirewas so intense but I do not know what to do. I can change my thoughts to positive my reading motivational quotes, butthe effect is always temporary.   That iswhen I wrote yesterday’s post.  I was notlooking for a way to change my thought consciously because I thought meditationwill have a positive effect on my thoughts. Meditation did have an effect on mymind but it was very short-lived.  I wascalm and positive only for a couple of hours and when I sat for eveningmeditation session, my mind would throw up only negative thoughts.

I mentioned Bhagavad Geeta, yesterday.  I read that book some 20 years back.  I don’t know why I mentioned that book, but afterpublishing yesterday’s blog post, I searched for that book.  I found the book among some old books which Ikept in a box and forgot about years back.   Once I started reading it, there was shift inmy mind.  I don’t know about you, you mighthave a different book which can give you that shift of consciousness to alittle higher plane, but this book always influenced my thoughts.  This shift in mind becomes infertile to thethoughts of jealous and inferiority.  Sothe involuntary thoughts have changed to positive and spiritualinstantaneously.  Who said change do nothappen suddenly.   Try this method especiallyif you have a restless mind with lots of negative thoughts. The reason of yourrestlessness is actually is because your soul is suffering the thoughts.  If you don’t prefer Bhagavad Geeta, try anybook which you are comfortable with. Bible is a good choice.  I havedecided to read this book on a daily basis apart from doing the exercises givenin The Master Key System.

A free e-book written by Mr Clive Simpkins called Change YourThinking; Change Your Life is available on his site and also in the download section ofthis blog.  You can try this book, seemsto be a good one (I just read a few pages). You can get Bhagavad Geeta for Busy People free e-book  (link given in the download section).

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