Monday, January 16, 2012

Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone

As I mentioned a couple of times, I have a strong belief inLaw of Attraction.  The reason is anumber of incidents very small happened to me. I wrote about my restless mind.  Iwas not looking for an answer, at least not from the religion.  Today as I am writing this post I amdifferent man.  My mind is not restlessand I am able to concentrate on blocking the thoughts (negative thoughts)relatively easily.  Ask You Will BeGiven.

But whenever I told anyone (especially relatives) about myintension and share my progress, there was an immediate negative impact on theprogress.  This happened to me many timesespecially when there is blankness in the face of the person listening eitherbecause he is not about get the point you are trying to explain or he is notinteresting in your goals, desires, etc.

If you don’t believe me, just try it.  Tell someone who don’t understand what youare trying to do.  For example, telling amotor mechanic who never went online to either search or by that you are tryingto make money online.  He should not be aperson who believes your way of thinking.

On the contrary, if the person is exited about your goal andencourages you whole heartedly, this works positively on you.  I believe that the inability of the person tounderstand you or his lack of interests makes you uncomfortable and you maydoubt your intensions.  A little negativefeeling is enough to have a negative impact on the Law of Attraction model.

Today is the 14th day and should be the last dayof part-2, but I think I am not ready for the next part yet.  The guru inside tells me that I am not readyfor the next part.  So I am going tocontinue with the second exercise itself for a couple of more days.  I realized that these exercises cannot bedone with time-table because you may or may not be able to successfullycomplete one part and be able and ready for another part.  I hope this will not take me more than 24weeks… may be a week or two more.  

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