Thursday, January 12, 2012

Avoid Distractions and Keep Focus

Controlling thought for about half an hour and indulging inall types of distractions throughout the day is not helping.  If you are like me someone who struggles tokeep focus on anything for more than a couple of minutes, you know how difficultit is to avoid distractions.  Everything aroundus tries to gain our focus on them and of course easily succeed.  Within a couple of minutes of focus on a particularsubject of interest, another thing grabs our attention.

In India, someone who wants to become a yogi needs to leavehis home and live in the ashram for Sādhana for years before he is go out andmingle with the society with a mind that can be easily controlled.  Care is taken that nothing distracts him fromthe Sādhana (Sādhana is a discipline undertaken in the pursuit of a goal). WhatI have embarked on is also a Sādhana and the goal I am pursuing is possession ofMaster Key which enables me to get exactly what I wish.

With such a goal in front of me and a restless mind by birth and with  wife, children, email accounts, websites, blogs, television,advertisements, absolutely everything around me trying to grab my attention; I am trying had to focus on  my Sādhana.  As a family man (Grihasthya),I cannot avoid my wife, children,  emailsetc.  I have stopped as mentioned earlierin logging into Facebook, stopped reading news paper or watching TVactively (television is always on with either my wife or my children in frontof it so I am a passive watcher).

When I try to avoid all distractions, my mind has a greatability to throw up all the useless images and sounds, both recent and distant past, I have happen to store inmy memory and make me involve in them.  I clearly know the goal of Master Key is not a easy one to be reached.  To successfully reach the goal, I think just half an hourof controlling thoughts is not enough and I have to try more, at least an hourper day. Even the stray thoughts entering into my mind as images, sounds and words need to be positive and useful.  For this I am trying focus on thinks which are important to me in life.

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