Sunday, January 8, 2012

Purpose of This Blog

When I thought of this blog I wanted to write my everydayexperiences with regard to Master Key System, kind of a diary.  Then when I started writing on the first day,if at all someone wants “follow” this blog, I also wanted this blog to beuseful to them. I took care of the title and description of the blog and titlesof the posts keeping in mind people who happen to read this blog.

As you know my primary goal is success through The MasterKey System.  But watching my thoughtsover the past couple of days, I found that most of my thoughts are about thisblog and what I want to write on this blog. I also wanted to readers to come and subscribe to this blog.  I don’t want this blog to be my primarygoal.  I want Successful completion ofThe Master Key System course with an ability to achieve all the things I wantto achieve in my life.

So I have decided to keep my success in completion of thecourse as my primary goal and spend more time on that than the success of thisblog.  It does not mean this blog is notimportant to me.  The success of thisblog is not directly controlled by me.  Ijust want write whatever I think important in the process of the course, andleave the success of this blog itself in the hands of God.  Remember the trick I explained on Day-5?  Yes I am using that.  Oh if feels good now, I can have complete focuson The System itself now.

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