Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Found -The Simple Secret of Success

There are two types of people who read self-help books ondifferent aspects of life.  One actionoriented achievers who wants to achieve more, who are in minority.  The other is people who are in majority whobuy and read these books and attend seminars are non-achievers, who seldom areable to change their lives through the self-help books.  At the most what they achieve is increasing the“knowledge bank” losing their self image for not acting and seeks another bookand another seminar.  Why?

What happens when a person who regularly exercises gets a fabulousbook on Yoga which helps him have three dimensional gain, body-mind-soul.  He obviously learns and incorporates yoga inhis exercise regime.  What happens when abusinessman committed to his business gets a chance to improve his net-worth byattending a seminar on business practices or a book like “Secrets ofMillionaire Mind,” he put his newly acquired knowledge into practice to growhis business and become a billionaire.  Butthe results of millions others who read the same books are dismal.  Why?

Reading cannot bring about any physical change, unless itcan change the thought patterns which result in action.  For example in his book The Secrets of the MillionaireMind, Mr Ekersays that to increase your net-worth you need to provide value to as manypeople as possible by getting the leverage of business model in action.  A provider learns this and looks for ways to providemore, become more successful, but for many successful students there will manyfailures.  Why?

In my last post I said thoughts lead to feelings andfeelings lead to action (from Mr Eker). Then, what is the difference between the thoughts of a person who takesaction after reading the book and the thoughts of a person who don’t take anyconsiderable action enough to achieve measurable success?  Is there any secret that can make you act continuouslyand if so what is it?

What is the Secret of the One Who Acts?

Do I know the answer?

Yes of course I know the answer


The achievers have the momentum or at least know how to create, increases,  maintainsthe momentum.  We need to create momentum and keepit going.  The stronger the momentum, theeasier to maintain it.

This leads us to another question

How to Create the Momentum?
Simple….. Just remember the way you used to skate in yourchildhood your childhood, giving a strong initial push with all your power.

Make the initial step as strong and powerful as it can beand you will reach your goal.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Can You Become Wealthy - Find Out

It has been a couple of days since I wrote.  There are two reasons, one is I became verybusy with a new book which I have “attracted”. The book is called “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”  As I mentioned many times in this blog, The MasterKey System gave to the ability to constantly watch my thought.  This thought watch process made me aware ofthe thousands and thousands of useless thoughts, negative thoughts,disempowering thoughts.  I always wantedthe majority of my thoughts to be empowering. But what are the thoughts, whatare there structures of those thoughts.

 In a way, I asked many times and more intensely for the pastweek or so to have a mind which thinks like a person who is rich.  When I went back and read all the blogs andhubs I have written in the past four years, I never saw myself using the wordslike money, investment, savings, net worth, income, expenditure, insurance,funds, budget, finance, interest, real estate, and many more words which arevery important to someone who wants to make money.  It is obvious that I never used these wordsoften in my real life.

When I was observing my thoughts through the process of TheMaster Key System, I found no thoughts about the words which make rich peoplerich.  I never saw rich people talkingabout attracting wealth.  They attractwealth because of their thoughts.  Theirthoughts are always about making money and keeping money, I knew this.  But what are the thoughts????.  As I mentioned earlier I have many friends whichbecame rich, but as for as money and business is concerned I am an outsider tothem and I rarely had a privilege of observing their words when they are in a casualbusiness discussion.

I strongly believe in Law of Attraction, and I believe thatI attracted this book because I wanted to change my thoughts while I am goingthrough this journey with Master Key System. How a millionaire thinks and whathe does is the subject of this book.  Howhis brain is programmed (P), how he thinks (T), what his feelings (F) are andhow he acts (R) getting the results what he gets.

T. Harv Eker, the author of this book “Secretsof the Millionaire Mind.”  Gives processof manifestation as
                                    P→T→F→A = R
 So to change thethoughts I need to change the programming my mind itself.  This book is a guide to re-program our mind.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Don’t You Dare Tell Anyone

As I mentioned a couple of times, I have a strong belief inLaw of Attraction.  The reason is anumber of incidents very small happened to me. I wrote about my restless mind.  Iwas not looking for an answer, at least not from the religion.  Today as I am writing this post I amdifferent man.  My mind is not restlessand I am able to concentrate on blocking the thoughts (negative thoughts)relatively easily.  Ask You Will BeGiven.

But whenever I told anyone (especially relatives) about myintension and share my progress, there was an immediate negative impact on theprogress.  This happened to me many timesespecially when there is blankness in the face of the person listening eitherbecause he is not about get the point you are trying to explain or he is notinteresting in your goals, desires, etc.

If you don’t believe me, just try it.  Tell someone who don’t understand what youare trying to do.  For example, telling amotor mechanic who never went online to either search or by that you are tryingto make money online.  He should not be aperson who believes your way of thinking.

On the contrary, if the person is exited about your goal andencourages you whole heartedly, this works positively on you.  I believe that the inability of the person tounderstand you or his lack of interests makes you uncomfortable and you maydoubt your intensions.  A little negativefeeling is enough to have a negative impact on the Law of Attraction model.

Today is the 14th day and should be the last dayof part-2, but I think I am not ready for the next part yet.  The guru inside tells me that I am not readyfor the next part.  So I am going tocontinue with the second exercise itself for a couple of more days.  I realized that these exercises cannot bedone with time-table because you may or may not be able to successfullycomplete one part and be able and ready for another part.  I hope this will not take me more than 24weeks… may be a week or two more.  

Don't Kill Your Guru

The Master Key System had a positive impact on my life withinless than a fortnight.  But this is justa first step and the journey is a long one before I reach the goal which Iconsider success through this system.  Iam unable to post on a daily basis but I am writing notes in my diary on adaily basis.  These notes have become thesubject of my posts, and though I am posting irregularly I am covering each dayof this journey.

When I started my second week one sentence in The Master KeySystem made me think a lot about the importance of having a guru.  The lines are “Last week I gave you anexercise for the purpose of securing control of the physical body; if you haveaccomplished this you are ready to advance”. If you have accomplished this, you are ready to advance.  Am I ready to advance?…. Have I achieved fullcontrol of the physical body…..?  I thinkonly a guru can answer these questions but unfortunately I do not have one.

I think this is the reason why the self-improvement books I have readcould not help me.  We need a guru totake us though the process evaluating our progress continuously.  Just reading books and trying the exercises isnot enough.    In the beginning of this journey I was awareof this problem of not having a guru who can evaluate my progress.  I have consciously decided to become both theguru and student and try to guide myself through this course. 

In his book on change Mr Clive Simpkins says “Guru is  a Sanskrit word comprising the root Gu(darkness) and Ru (light).  So a Guru isshe or he who leads one from darkness to light. There are many levels of 'guru.' From the truly superficial to thesublime.  From a 'duputy' or 'assistant'teacher (upaguru) to the Satguru, 'true or eternal teacher,' who facilitatesyour journey through spirituality and perhaps even to God-realisation.”

How wonderful it would be to have a true guru to take usthrough this course.  I think only thefortunate will get a true Guru and all the others like us should be satisfiedwith internet gurus, their books, seminars and one-day or one-week workshops payinghuge money.

Restlessness is discontent - and discontent is the firstnecessity of progress.  Show me athoroughly satisfied man and I will show you a failure- Thomas Edison.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Stupid Thoughts Can Kill Great Dreams

As mentioned earlier in this blog, The Master Key System hasgiven me a chance to observe my thoughts. I was shocked to observe the random thoughts and images which randomly popup on the surface of my mind.  In my lifeI have read a lot of books philosophy, psychology and books on spirituality aremy favorite subjects.  But almost 90percent of my thoughts are negative, mundane and useless. Most of the thoughtsinfluenced by these books and people like Ralph Waldo Emerson or films like theLast Samurai are no more happening subconsciously or consciously and this isreason for my restlessness and desperation.

I mentioned about my restless mind before.  Practicing meditational exercises describedin the Master Key System could not help my calm my restless mind, though therewas initial feeling of success.  Instead,these exercise increased my restlessness by making me watch these thoughts.   I got to know that it is impossible toachieve something which I can call success with this type of mind and itsthinking.  It is impossible to attract wealth,health and prosperity with these thoughts. Even if make some money (which willnot happen if Law of Attraction which I believe is true), I would not be ahappy person.

I have decided (with lot of hesitation) write about my thoughts.  These thoughts are mostly which createsemotions like jealousy, inferiority, and anger. There will be conscious thought to belittle the person whom I am jealousabout.  The emotional states were mostoften anxiety, anger, irritation, sense of inferiority etc.  I wanted change and I know I can changebecause I was not like this in the past.

I wanted to change and that change should happenimmediately.  I want these involuntarythoughts to be more positive.  The desirewas so intense but I do not know what to do. I can change my thoughts to positive my reading motivational quotes, butthe effect is always temporary.   That iswhen I wrote yesterday’s post.  I was notlooking for a way to change my thought consciously because I thought meditationwill have a positive effect on my thoughts. Meditation did have an effect on mymind but it was very short-lived.  I wascalm and positive only for a couple of hours and when I sat for eveningmeditation session, my mind would throw up only negative thoughts.

I mentioned Bhagavad Geeta, yesterday.  I read that book some 20 years back.  I don’t know why I mentioned that book, but afterpublishing yesterday’s blog post, I searched for that book.  I found the book among some old books which Ikept in a box and forgot about years back.   Once I started reading it, there was shift inmy mind.  I don’t know about you, you mighthave a different book which can give you that shift of consciousness to alittle higher plane, but this book always influenced my thoughts.  This shift in mind becomes infertile to thethoughts of jealous and inferiority.  Sothe involuntary thoughts have changed to positive and spiritualinstantaneously.  Who said change do nothappen suddenly.   Try this method especiallyif you have a restless mind with lots of negative thoughts. The reason of yourrestlessness is actually is because your soul is suffering the thoughts.  If you don’t prefer Bhagavad Geeta, try anybook which you are comfortable with. Bible is a good choice.  I havedecided to read this book on a daily basis apart from doing the exercises givenin The Master Key System.

A free e-book written by Mr Clive Simpkins called Change YourThinking; Change Your Life is available on his site and also in the download section ofthis blog.  You can try this book, seemsto be a good one (I just read a few pages). You can get Bhagavad Geeta for Busy People free e-book  (link given in the download section).

Friday, January 13, 2012

Change Your Life Now at This Moment

If Change Can Happen, It Should Happen Now.  I have read a lot of personal development booksand I came to know a lot of human being and his strengths and weaknesses.  I also read about different methods which canbe applied to bring in change.  The booksI have read are innumerable and some of the important ones are Psycho Cybernetics,Think and Grow Rich, Unleash the Power Within, Seven Habits of Highly EffectivePeople and many others.

Apart from these modern day personality development books Ihave also read a lot of books on spirituality. The most important ones are Bhagavad Gita Complete Works of SwamiVivekananda.  These books have given me alot of knowledge and a substantial change in my beliefs.  Before my interest in books on spiritualityand subsequently personal development, I used read a lot of serious literatureand sometimes popular literature.

Every book changed my perception of the world, but if youask me did they change my personality, I would say no.  My restless mind could never keep a singleidea for enough period of time that it can change my life.  Before I complete a book, there will be a newbook getting my attention.  This is thefirst time in my life; I have for the past 10 days pursuing a goal in personality developmentusing a book.  And without any doubt Ican say there is a positive effect of The Master Key System on me.  But before this about fifteen years back, I havespent ten days in an ashram learning Vipassana Meditation, which I stopped practicing immediately after coming out of the ashram.

With the vast knowledge on personal developmentI should have changed and should be living a fulfilling life, a life which I amproud about.  But this has not happenedand I know change happens only if it a compulsion.  If the desire to change for good is notstrong enough, no book can change us.  Mostof the successful people are naturally wired to be successful.  We do not have that privilege, we are wired differently,and as we grow older the wiring becomes stronger. These ten days of practice of The Master Key System gave me a lot of time to introspect.

I have seen alcoholics and drug addicts quitting the drink anddrugs when they hit the bottom and asking for help.  We do not have that privilege also.  We will never hit the bottom.  We always have a hope and there are enoughbooks around us to keep that hope alive, and believe me hope is not enough forus.  What we need is desire a burningdesire….. a continuous burning desire to achieve.  The burning desire should become red hot thatone day when the heat reaches its peak, change happens instantaneously in thatvery moment.

Practicing The Master Key System gave me a chance to developthat desire.  I would urge you to tryit.  Keep thinking about change…. Strengthenyour desire…… do not get distracted or complacent.  YOUR LIFE CAN AND WILL CHANGE AT THATDECISIVE MOMENT.